Branding 101: It’s Not about a Logo

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Let’s Talk Marketing Podcast

One of the most significant problems with newer companies is a focus on their brand exposure to the masses. It’s not meant to be a secret. Your company needs to be shared, celebrated, shopped and promoted to be profitable. The two biggest opportunities for all businesses are cash flow and customer acquisition. Ultimately, this is the basics of brand marketing.


In this digital marketing era, you have to know the best channels for promoting your brand. There are a plethora of marketing strategies and mediums, but a business can only focus on a few depending upon their size. A common mistake is not wearing their brand. One of my longtime supporters, Instant Imprints, has always been there for me with providing me with great insight on marketing opportunities for my companies. Dan Garrison (the owner) and his team have always been available by walking me through quotes, options, and even samples.

I have a quick video of Dan in his shop embroidering a polo shirt for me.

Wear Your Brand
I’m baffled on how many people fail to show off their brand with some type of swag. Swag is another way of saying promotional materials (i.e., mugs, keychains, hats, bags, and etcetera). Unless you never leave home, the chances of sharing your brand logo with new people are incredibly high. More than likely, every consumer has a routine before they make a purchase. Hence, why they need to see it.

How many times will people see your logo before they ask what you do? You can wear a t-shirt. T-shirts are super affordable and can be done fairly quickly. When I wrote my article on How to Promote Your Brand, Sanford walked me through their process in less than 5 minutes. But you don’t have to go anywhere, and there are other options as well. Here are some popular online marketing options as well, but you may need to take a couple of iterations before you get it right. Vistaprint Custom Ink Rush Order Tees I enjoy going in to speak with someone. I like to ask a lot of questions. There’s no one way to do it. Choose whichever way makes you more comfortable. Ultimately, I want it to look so I can look good.

Simple Marketing
I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worn a hoody or t-shirt, and somebody is asking me where I got it from. When I tell them it’s my brand, their mouth drops (sometimes) and they ask if I can make one for them. At that time when I hear the words “I’ll pay for it right now,” the little kid in me is doing backflips.
As I’ve said before, branding isn’t selling and selling isn’t branding.

Don’t be afraid to wear your logo. Be proud. Be fearless when it comes to what you do. As the customer journey enters into your marketing funnel, you never know what will unlock the “YES” to make the purchase. There is a science to understanding your avatar, customers, and return shoppers. It’s called a customer journey map. With digital technology, you should be promoting your brand every day. No matter if it’s a weekend, weekday or evening. Get your brand out there and make that sell. Marketing never sleeps.

Nathan A Webster, MBA

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