Ep 172 – Brand Strategy and Storytelling with Shachar Meron

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Let’s Talk Marketing Podcast

Nathan’s excited to bring on another great marketing expert to the show. Mr. Shachar Meron has 20 years of experience as a branding, advertising, and marketing executive and has worked on 100+ brands, including well-known brands like TransUnion, Boeing, McDonald’s, Intuit, Johnson & Johnson, Nordstrom, Cars.com, Motorola, and Abbott Labs.

He currently serves as a Partner and Creative Strategist at Bluegreen Branding, where he helps brand and marketing leaders, primarily from tech and finance companies, create brands that stand out from all the noise.

Shachar is also a Senior Lecturer who teaches advertising and brand strategy at the University of Illinois, where he also earned his BS and MS in Advertising. Over the past nine years, he has won several teaching awards.

Enjoy the show!

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