Social Media Beef with Lacey J Faught

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Guests Podcast

Here are some highlights from the Let’s Talk Marketing with NDUB podcast.

Nathan Webster
I got my girl Lacy J Faught, because we got some social media beef where the trigger fingers tend to Twitter fingers.

Lacey Faught
What’s up, man. You’re brave bringing me on today.

Nathan Webster
Lacey called me out. Like she tried to square up on me a couple of weeks ago. I’m like, oh, whoa, wait a minute. We got to save this for the podcast.

The Social Media Beef

Lacey Faught
Okay. So, you know, we’re at this… what do you call that event? I mean, it was like a business development event basically, and it was focused specifically on client acquisition. So it’s a sales-focused event and there were three of us up there and we were all marketing and advertising-focused people.

With me being in the social media lane and I have a specific project that’s like my one brainchild project that I’ve brought into the world that I’m very close to it.

And so I’m talking about this concept where basically there’s a landmark in Downtown Vancouver, and I came up with the idea to develop a personality for this landmark so that it could actually post out first-person. I’m talking through the whole strategy, you know, and maybe I was talking a little long and so Nathan is just getting antsy, I don’t know. But as I’m talking through this strategy, you interrupt me.

My ex-husband used to do that laugh. When you kind of laugh and you’re like, oh, that is so social. What’s even the return on that- and I snapped to defensive mode so quickly.

I started doing that thing with my head, you know, where I’m like defending my, my actions immediately…

Lacey Faught
The biggest thing that bothered me though, as I reflected back on it later…

I was like, what the heck was that about Nathan? Like we’re number one, we’re friends…

It really bothered me that you kind of called me out that way in front of people.

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